OEM Parts

( Original EquipmentManufacturer )

Parts which are produced from different producers and which are installed from the machine manufacturer during the machines producing process

How much a machines manufacturer uses his own produced parts you can see at his vertical integrations. The quality and the price of this parts mostly is high, the lifetime of them too. Normally the availability is high too, because machines producer need this parts for their production. The machines producer did not produce the part by himself, sometimes they put their logo on it. This will be done when they have producing contract with parts producer, stating to buy a big quantity of the part only for the machines producer. BUT OEM parts are not produced by the machines manufacturer. We can find the real producers for you.

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About OEM Parts

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We at Hess Baumaschinen GmbH Handels u. Service GmbH are sending our product in regions like Africa (excluding South Africa and Egypt), South America (excluding Brazil), and Eastern Europe (excluding Poland, Russia, Belarus, and Turkey). Our goal is to provide high-quality construction equipment and exceptional service to customers in these regions.

Our delivery service is reliable, efficient, and cost-effective, making them a preferred choice for many businesses in the regions we serve.

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