Aftermarket Parts

Parts which are produced mostly in asia or eastern europe.

Parts which are produced mostly in asia or eastern europe. But we do offer aftermarket parts mostly in Germany or western Europe.

Aftermarket parts are mostly copys / replacements of originals or OEM’s. Buying / install electric or hydraulic aftermarket parts it makes, from our point of view, makes no sence. Because the quality is mostly low.

But in wearing parts it do. So we offer mostly wearing parts and U/C parts for nearly all brands, made in Germany or western Europe. Make a test. You will be surprised.

We can be your supplier for aftermarket parts Hess Baumaschinen GmbH Handels u. Service GmbH

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About Aftermarket Parts

Hess Baumaschinen GmbH Handels u. Service GmbH

This are produced copys of Originals or OEM parts. Mostly they are produced in Asia or Eastern Europe. If, than they are cheap and in low quality. Except wearing parts. Here price and quality is mostly good. Best is, if aftermarket parts are produced in Europe or under European standards. Wearing parts are a big component of all construction machines. If it are buckets parts, undercarriage parts, filters and tires. We are specialized on asphalt pavers and crushers wearing parts in main. Here we have on hand most of the leading European producers.

German Aftermarket supplier

We know them well, because in the past we sold many complete overhauld machines with warranty. For the we nearly all times used aftermarket wearing parts made in Germany. They had the same quality than originals but are much cheaper.
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We at Hess Baumaschinen GmbH are sending our product in regions like Africa (excluding South Africa and Egypt), South America (excluding Brazil), and Eastern Europe (excluding Poland, Russia, Belarus, and Turkey). Our goal is to provide high-quality construction equipment and exceptional service to customers in these regions.

Our delivery service is reliable, efficient, and cost-effective, making them a preferred choice for many businesses in the regions we serve.

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